I remember life before twitter.  Just barely.  At first I didn't understand it.  140 characters?  To say whats you're doing?  Doesn't that sound like a silly waste of time?  Now that i've been using it for a little bit, I get it.  It's informative, and funny, and completely addicting.  So here are some good food related folks to follow on twitter. 
ps - im @linecook

chefs to follow:
  • @gachatz - Grant Achatz (Alinea)
  • @nappleman - Nate Appleman (A16)
  • @offalchris - Chris Cosentino (Incanto)
  • @brettemerson - Brett Emerson (Contigo)
  • @dcpatterson - Daniel Patterson (Coi)
  • @cheftramonto - Rick Tramonto (Tru)
  • @ruthreichl - Ruth Reichl - Editor - Gourmet Magazine
nopa folks
  • @annmerrell - Merrell
  • @soparker - Speez

  • @eatersf
Who do you guys follow?


Martha said...

Twitter is great. I follow most of my favorite bloggers (like you) and I also use it to network with my professional peers (I am a teacher an there are a LOT of teachers using Twitter to share ideas and resources). And, of course, I use it just to keep up with my friends. Its a very versatile little thing.

fiat lux said...

@ruhlman (Food writer Michael Ruhlman)

and you of course :) And about 300 other people.

queenofsheba said...

ideasinfood, shaunafish, warrenellis (because it can't be all food....)

Dana said...

I use twitter to quell my narcisism and voyeristic nature, to mock my coworkers publicly, and I guess that networking thing.

I too follow grant achatz

and my favorite top chef contestant ever


and there's me


and Tina Fey


Matt said...

i hadnt heard of twitter until i started reading this blog. i just decided to sign up and see what this e-buzz is all about. its awesome. it sort of humanizes some of these people others see as near demi-gods.

I follow achatz, cosentino, you, john mayer, coheed and cambria and i believe thats it for now

Raeanne! said...

for foodstuffs, i also folo:

@broylesa, the food writer at the Austin paper and a friend of mine

@bittman, NYT's Mark Bittman

@aldenteblog, from Amazon.com

@ganda, author of the Eat Drink Man Woman blog

@cakewrecks, tho I wouldn't eat much of what she blogs about

@clotildenet, author of the Chocolate and Zucchini blog

Foodie Writes... said...

I love twitter for the comical aspect.

Sure, I follow people I actually know in real life. On Twitter that is.

But I'm one sarcastic cynical bitch, so aside from people I know, I follow those that are in line with the same humor when it comes to "what they're doing"...That includes those of celebrity status.
So those that I follow is quite the melting pot.

I also follow people in the biz that intrigue me, like you.

theculinaryaddict said...

I didn't fully embrace twitter until I started following the_real_shaq...classic, especially his photos (the one of him @ dairy queen is priceless) and his kind give-aways such as free tickets...