On Saturday, February 28th, the wife and I went to Coi for her birthday dinner.  I'm not going to write too much about it, but I do want to say this;  upon reflection this week, i've decided that this was the meal of my life--it topped Laundry fairly easily.  The mix of pristine ingredients, mind blowing technique, and precise attention to detail came together in a way that made my head spin.  18 courses, perfect wine and beer pairings, and some special attention from Chef Daniel Patterson created some great memories for us.  You must eat here.

Happy Birthday Sky

There was no "best dish"--they were all amazing.  Carlos Salgado's desserts were also inspiring and delicious.  Thanks also to Brett Cooper, sous chef, and the rest of the Coi team.  I'll be back.


MyFrogs said...

That looks AMAZING!

Lisa said...

Damn, licking the screen didn't taste nearly as good as I thought it would.

Yeah, that's what jealousy does to you. :)

JMW said...

I went to COI around Valentine's Day, then to French Laundry a few weeks later, then back to COI a few days after (yes, my wallet hurts). The second round at COI was not the full tasting but you can order a la carte from the tasting menu in the lounge, and we did. :)

You're right, it's better than French Laundry. And I don't think the issue is necessarily execution, but creativity and verve. I don't think I had any "aha" moments at TFL like, for example, the Douglas Fir ice cream. My last time at TFL was two years ago, and it seems very much the same today. They are both great places, but competition is a good thing.

ontheline89 said...

i wouldnt really say that coi is "better" than the french laundry. theyre simply different. TFL is a landmark, and a symbol. I mean this could just be me, but i always hesitate to say one restaurant is "better" than another.

as far as pushing the boundaries of food and dining. yes, coi is far more into the expiramental and conceptual style of cookery. They play with not only the food but your surroundings at the table and in the dining room. the french laundry isnt so much about "aha" as much as its about a sublime "ahhhh"

so in my opinion, and mine only, i think that the two restaurants are simply taking different approaches to dining. and i greatly respect both.

It's Just Me said...

Wow, did you nap before, cuz that made me tired just thinking of going through all those plates! Although my menu has consisted of kid food for so long now that meals are done in about 3 minutes flat... sigh.

Thanks for the adult tour of "real" food.

Scotty B said...

Wow, that looks like a fabulous meal. We are overdue for a trip to SF. I stumbled on your blog a few months back and I really enjoy reading your stuff. Thanks.