Podcast #3 - Notes

Podcast #3 is here...we talk about nothing, and everything.  If you can count how many times we say podcast, or how many metaphors we use, i'll buy you a coke.


Kerri Miller said...

I'm looking forward to this one.. the last one was brilliant.

don't touch my knife said...

i'm not somebody you shouldn't fuck with, i'm like a freakin' puppy dude. Im called that because i caught my girlfriend trying to open a coconut with my 10' yanagi knife. Before she got ahold of it that motherfucker could butterfly a sheet of paper.
Yeah, youse guys are right about starting with a heavy german knife. My main workhorse is an 8' J.A.Henckel. ive' got a nice little Global Deba but everytime i pick the thing up i'm conviced im gonna shatter it. i dont give a fuck how sharp it is, it needs to weigh more than 4 oz for me to feel comfortable with it.
I got a question. I think i heard Amy mention ska. What kind of music do you all play during prep and service?
I play hardcore ska stuff and metal. planet smashers, NOFX, vandals, subhumans, Oi polloi, Megadeth, Against all authority.
everynow and then an Audiobook. just bout Heat by Bill buford, the book was good but christ, that guys voice make me want to meat-fork my ear canals.

Corey sounds like Danny masterson from that seventies show.

Is amys recipe for bacon brittle the same but subbing bacon for peanuts? I want to have my world totally fucked up.

weirdest cut: i knicked my forfinger julienning aubergines
then got chemical grill cleaner in it. my finger was bubbling and smoking. if it wasnt so fucking painfull it wouda been cool.

Keep it up guys. the public is thoroughly satisfied

ontheline89 said...

its 1:40 am. And im listening to this while preping lemon confit.

( from eric riperts on the line )

love coming home and hearing cooks continue the conversations we were having in the kitchen.

p.s i have to keep this shit in the fridge for 3 months.

Jason said...

I'm not a knife expert, I'm not in the food industry, but I love my Shun Classic Chef's knife. It's made in a more European style with a double bevel. This isn't the Shun Pro, which has a single bevel. When you suggest that people not choose Japanese blades for "first" knives, are you just referring to the typical Japanese single-bevel blades?

I love hearing this podcast. I would like to be in the food industry one day, and I like hearing from the people really behind the food. I listen at work (programmer), thinking about food.

On a bacon note, I'll be taking part in a bacon consumer panel at the University meat science lab. Maybe I'll try to figure out some bacon brittle tonight with the free bacon.

ontheline89 said...

I have the same story, i started wtih a henckels 8' but i had to sharpen the fucker every single damn day. I actually just sold that. Now i have a Wusthof as my workhorse, and a Shun for when people arent grabbing my shit.

why does nicolas cage play the same role in every single movie?

Matt Chou said...

best wine bar review.. ever!

Eric said...

what's the inro music?