Podcast #5 - Notes. Again.

Podcast #5 is up and running.  We got a lot of emails this week, so instead of covering one topic, we covered several.  You get to hear Dylan show up to my apartment, my phone vibrating, and Corey flushing the toilet again.  It's loud-ish, and clocks in around 1:07.  There will be no podcast next week, but we should be back to recording the following week.  Email us at linecook415@gmail.com

1 comment:

KJ said...

Okilly dokilly...

I got it.. I got it .. no glossary. :)

(I was just thinking you, Amy and Corey would have your own colorful take on certain terms.)


Soooo... I guess on Bastille Day we can call the blog "Chef de Partie415"

Rock on!