Tourettes, Michelin, and lazy notes.

If Tivo is tracking my viewing habits, then I imagine what kind of demographic of theirs I might fit into. Foodie/gamer/sports fan/geek? Most of my measly series 2 is dedicated to Gordon Ramsay's shows (UK versions only, please), Top Chef, and any number of HBO or Adult Swim related programming. It's amazing how many times that little gray box will record, and re-record episodes of Top Chef or Kitchen Nightmares...but all this after-work viewing has me wondering about how my profession is being portrayed on TV. A quick disclaimer--yes, I did try out for Top Chef 3, and got called back to be grilled on camera by two pretty twenty-something producers. And thankfully I did not make it--My imagined screaming matches with Howie and Sara were horrible enough.


Watching Ramsay on his American shows, you get the feeling he's doing four or five speedballs a day, possibly is a shopper at Balco, and isn't getting treatment for his tourettes. Hells Kitchen And Nightmares are generally scream fests...and it seems that the only qualities carried over from the UK Nightmares are the shots of him taking off his shirt and putting on his chefs coat.

What's most frustrating about this is on the UK version, he actually helps people. He mentors young cooks. He suggests smart changes to the business. And most of all, he seems like he cares. This doesn't mean i'm going to miss an episode of the US nightmares...despite it basically being food hell porno. I'm just not going to feel good about it.
Speaking of food tv, the idea for a new type of tv show came about at the end of our saturday night service. "Bottom Chef" would pit 12 young chefs against each other to see who had the worst knife skills, hygiene standards, and overall attitude. Rocco Dispirito could host, and Tom Colicchio could be a part of it too....because he seems like a dick.

Speaking of Colicchio, his Craft got demoted to two stars by Michelin...those little French fuckers. The Northern California guide is coming soon...and I can't say anyone is really looking forward to it. Last years debacle was ugly enough...and seeing as how we already get to deal with Bauer, im not sure that more critics are what we need. Except for Joy...her shit is hilarious.

Also in the news...Fleur De Lys drops a star. I don't know about this...seeing as how I ate here just a couple of months ago. Admittedly, the meal was free...and I got treated like a visiting dignitary by Marcus and his crew. It was not Laundry...but at least as good as La Folie, and better than Danko.

And now...notes.

  • Mexico DF...a full write up is coming soon. But let me put it this way: Fuck you Mexico DF. Fuck you up your stupid ass.
  • Got to meet Shuna this past week...and are going to her place for dessert tonight. Her workspace was smelled amazing, and it was French Laundry clean.
  • Halo 3. It's all true.
  • Job offers...so many job offers.
  • I hate Comcast.
  • Chef Darren and I talked about making a blog called "Really Bad Ideas In Food." It would be like Aki and Alex's blog...only, you know, bad and dumb.
  • Butterly's Fernet party was out of control. Pictures are here.
More later...I have laundry to do. (For bonus points, count how many times the fucking word "laundry" appeared here.)

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Terese said...

Richie, dear nevvie, I love your sass. Please tell me you're a fan of Anthony Bourdain.
love you, (Aunt) Terry