An email from Dr. Kelling.

Your blog is great; I just bookmarked it. It inspires me to get started
on mine. (Inspires, as in present tense, not inspired, as in already did

me tell you about my experience at Pres a Vi. I can be a huge ass and
extremely critical about service (as you may remember), so I'll start
at the beginning.

Walked in and saw Brandon and Katie Nash. Good to see both of them. After
securing a round of campari and sodas (turning into an old man) for me
and my mates, I headed to the host stand. I told the red headed hostess
that I had called and asked to change from two to three. She said,
'There's no note, but it won't be a problem.' Why even say the part
about the note? Anyway, some other hostess came in and showed us to our
table and I went and said hello to Kelly.

Returning to the table, I ordered duck buns and the spicy hamachi roll.

note: I don't know if you've seen the Carl's Jr. commercial about 'Flat
Buns' but my friend Colin is the vocalist (not the actor on the
commercial, but the actual vocalist) so it is well known in my circle
of friends. All night one of my friends was singing, 'Duck buns, I want
duck buns.'

Then Kelly sent out Foie (fucking great) as well as sashimi. I thought that was really nice of him to do that.

then ordered the Kobe (best I've ever had) S&P prawns (again: best
I've ever had and I've had A LOT of s&p prawns in chinatowns across
the country), the tonnato ( I love tuna) oysters (good) mussels. Also
had the huckleberry dessert (again: great) and the chocolate b pudding

Every bit of food was great. I am going to sneak in
there again and have the Kobe and prawns and then say hi. I say sneak
in because check it: when the bill arrived, all the food had been
comped. Above and beyond. Totally unexpected and really mad me look
like a baller in front of my friends. So please, tell Chef thank you

I want to know more about this place you had dessert at...

Brutal review of Fleur, eh? I'll bet you Wednesday's dinner service there was the best it's ever been...

As far as pretending to hang out some time...

much love brother, let's steal some money and open a place.


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