Plate Up: Foie "Tea Time"

Less is more, right? This plate up was a move towards simplicity. We had that hibiscus on hand, and a few tonka beans left over. Joan Roca does a seared foie with a honey cake and foamed milk...so I shamelessly took his idea and modified it ever so slightly. Oh the shame.

The first step is to make the tea, set it with agar, and puree it. There is no sugar added to the tea...we really wanted a tart counterpoint to the sweetness of the cake and the richness of the foie. To the left of the gel is grains of paradise.

Foie 10/07
Foie is added.

Honey Citrus Cake
This cake is really simple. I subbed blood orange olive oil for butter in it. Its very moist, and certainly evokes thoughts of tea time. In the beginning of this plate up, I was using a ring mold to cut it...now im just cutting bars.
Foie 10/07

So now that there is tea, cake, and honey, you need milk, right? Foamed milk would allow a light way to bring across the aroma of the tonka bean, without being overpowering. Its just a cup of milk, lecithin, and tonka. I scald it and let it steep for an hour, then froth it to order.
Tonka Milk
Foie 10/07
The final garnish is micro cilantro.

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shuna fish lydon said...

this looks amazing. I heart foie!

but the pastry chef in me looks at all the details and asks, "why are you hurting those scales? they only do right by you."

one must never store anything on top of a scale that is off, it huts the fine calibration.

Richie said...

It's true!!! All those scales are ruined...very, very sad.

Anonymous said...
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Richie said...

Sorry...I don't allow anonymous comments here...

Gracie said...

What the hell is that sysco box doing in the background?!