I felt lucky today. Like things were falling into place...happy little accidents, over and over again. Some of the reasons I felt like this:
  • Insanely nice weather...that almost turned stifling tonight when I was cooking.
  • Lunch at Dopo...getting a crazy good lunch for very, very cheap from Joey
  • A trip to Monterey Fish and Monterey Market...picking up Barramundi and $40 worth of groceries. Which if you've been to Monterey Market, you know is a lot of groceries.
  • Going to Blue Bottle and knowing the people working there...and buying coffee roasted yesterday.
  • More nice weather.
  • A great dinner with Mal and Joey, cooking the previously mentioned barramundi, a cranberry bean, haricot vert and fennel salad, a raddichio/potato salad, lentils with niman ranch bacon, arugula with lemon, and poached pears, strauss ice cream, and blue bottle irish coffees for dessert.

I think its a special thing to get to cook in the bay area...and at the risk of seeming like the image below, I feel like I need to let the world know: Cooking/eating here is awesome.

Which is why Michelin seems so confusing. I read The Perfectionist...and although im sure there is bias in that story, one gets the feeling that this is more or less what rating and being rated by Michelin is all about. So it seems strange when Jean Luc-Naret says that the ratings this year were "all about the food" and only Laundry was good enough to get the third star. Ive never eaten at Manresa, but everyone I know that's been there says it's amazing...and probably a better value than Laundry. Sushi Ran and La Folie being in the same class seems strange also.

  • I finished a "red book" this week. These books are for daily notes, recipes, ideas, etc. I use them every day, and this is the second one i've finished...the one from three years ago is pretty foreign to me.

  • Bourbon. It's very tasty.

  • A new foie. It's an homage/bite off of Grant Achatz...but the flavors are good.

  • If you need to waste time, do it here.
It's still so, so hot.

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