Getting Into Trouble - (Trouble Coffee, Outer Sunset)

Pounding beers and playing Wii bowling is a nice way to unwind from a long week at work. Last Thursday, following the Hope Uncorked event at work, a few friends and I did just that. When Blue Bottle came up in coversation, Chris asked if we had ever been to trouble coffee in the Sunset. His description went something like this:

"Its run by this tattooed punk rock lady that's really friendly and works out of a closet-like place and DOES NOT LIKE WHEN YOU ORDER "JUST COFFEE." Seriously. Don't go there and say "just coffee."

Naturally, I was skeptical. Blue Bottle owns me. I thought Pacific Bay had their claws in me...but I swear Blue Bottle is putting some serious narcotics in my beans. I stop there twice a week or so...and always order two lattes--one is never enough. Even Ritual is great. I just didnt know if there was room in my heart for a third caffeine supplier.

The Outer Sunset, on a sunny day, does not feel like San Francisco. Its closer to Santa Cruz, or even Pismo. There are few parking meters. Parking is abundant. Surf shops and organic vegan restaurants pop up between homes. Surfers sit on their stoops waiting for conditions to change.

Walking into Trouble, you're greeted by Giulietta, the owner/shopgirl/toast-coconut maker. She is tattooed/punk/diy....and very friendly. When I wandered in, she was tracing a design for her next tattoo. A punk mixtape was playing on the boombox. Interesting art dotted the walls. We chatted for fifteen minutes before I even ordered. Giulietta has stories. She knows alot of people. A casual comment on something hanging on the walls can become a twenty minute conversation--which is exactly why this place is different. She's the really cool indie friend you always wanted but didnt want to go to the mission to meet.
Trouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble CoffeeTrouble Coffee
The coffee is roasted for the shop by a friend of Giulietta. The toast is delicious. And the best part? She sells her beans for $10 a pound. Face it--you have no excuse not to go. A beach/GG Park trip riding on a Trouble caffiene buzz is the only way to spend your day off. (And the shops "open source" art policy means you can leave your mark there too...as long as it looks good.)

Trouble Coffee
4033 Judah St(between 45th Ave & 46th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Closed Sundays.
Trouble Coffee


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like my kind of place! Coconut toast sounds divine!
Wish I lived closer!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

trouble coffee said...

giulietta here.i am dedicated to owning a cafe where you do not feel alone. it is dedicated to people in my life who have guts and honor. everything in the cafe has a story. there is a new installation coming up behind the counter this month. a good mixtape get you a slice of toast. a bad mixtape. you owe me dinner!love, trouble