Today was our one year anniversary at the restaurant. It went by very, very quickly. We had this bottle of champagne courtesy of one of the servers from the opening team.

Raiders vs Broncos at work. I'm a 49ers fan.

Some people really love their staff meal.

Rossi and Angelo's new dish. Skate wing with celery root/pear puree, pistachio and garlic.

This was lunch today. The satsumas are amazing right now.

Compressed celery'

Compressed celery.

foie 12/1
The new/old foie. This is an old plate up for the foie called "mirepoix." It's onion jam, this time with Pedro Ximenez Noble Sour onion jam, ginger carrot puree, compressed celery salad, and fines herbs.
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This past weeks Tuesday dinner was Moules Frites...with the PEI mussels steaming in local bitter beer. Yum.

I swear i'll get around to actually writing something soon.


jamie said...

i'm glad to see that you've devolved into the lazy world of photoblogging. nice shot of the champagne.

sarahsouth said...

i found a link to you via jamie! your photos are so much fun. keep it going...

TE KORU said...

Oi Richie! You should know: whatever the final consensus is (Cooking: Art, Science, or Craft?), watching you at work is at least as satisfying as watching a master painter or sculptor creating their masterpiece.

-- Possibly more so. After all, food is easily one of the most joyous parts of life for every human being on the planet. And in all my life, I've seen few people put real love and attention into their work the way you do.

Thanks for the inspiration, brah!

shuna fish lydon said...

happy anniversary!
(I see this and I can barely imagine that day...)
lazy photoblogging is alright with me :}
happy december.

Unknown said...

linecook - could you please share the technique for the compressed celery - the dish and that component in particular I thought was very stunning. thanks

Richie said...


Seperate the celery stalks, wash, trim. Using a peeler, peel away outer fiberous layer. Peel celery hearts into long ribbons. Cut into uniform sizes, and stack in layers of 5. Compress in cryovac at 99%. Remove, and store in ice water.

Unknown said...

Richie - Thanks ! I don't have a vacuum seal at home but have some other ideas how I might do something similar.

Richie said...

Before our restaurant got an industrial vacuum, we just used a food saver. (around $100) Just dont try cooking in the bags that come with it. Thanks for reading.