Goals for 2008

*These are not resolutions--I actually plan on accomplishing these.

Mom always said it's important to have goals. For a long time, my goals more or less revolved around saving enough money for a hamburger or a beer. Now i'm shooting a little bit higher.

  • Read 25 Books. 12 of these can be re-reads. There are no rules about book length or content.
  • Commit to memory 15 new recipes. And be able to cook them with my eyes closed.
  • Commit to memory the metric system, and all relevant conversions.
  • Take 1200 photographs.
  • Hunt, kill, butcher, and eat an animal. Fish don't count.
  • Cook at home every week.
  • Write every day. Does not have to be post worthy.
I'm sure this list is going to get a bit longer as this month comes to a close.

2007. What happened?

  • San Francisco. It's awesome. I don't want to gush too much, but it's a nice feeling when you realize you're where you were supposed to have been all along. This isn't to say that the department of parking and transportation hasn't been a major pain in the ass...but I guess that's the price you pay.
  • Married! What they said was true--the wedding flew by, and so did the honeymoon. But we had fun, and things are going well.
  • New friends. Shuna, Rachel, Jamie. Trouble comes in threes. I feel lucky to know all of you.
  • Old friends. Dylan, Dan, Nick, Joey, Nick, Ginger, Pat, Rossi. It's a nice feeling getting to a point in your life where you realize you'll most likely know your friends for the rest of your life.
  • Cooking. I reached a new level of confidence this year...and I think my eyes got a little sharper. Instincts were also honed. But more than anything, I taught myself many, many new techniques...and also learned a few from Joey.
  • This is a small one, but South Park has been awesome this season.
  • My nephews. They're growing up quickly now...and they get excited when their uncle is around.
  • This blog. Sometimes im shocked people actually read it.
This year hasn't been without its hardships--im poor...and well, that's pretty much it. That hardly matters in the big picture though.

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jamie said...

More Goals:

a) acquire 'rock band'
b) move into a 3 bedroom house, solidifying lineup of fictitious band, while simultaneously gauging bandmembers' work ethic and commitment
c) dedicate all free time to fictitious band
d) do not sell out
e) hunt a wild boar using a desert eagle sidearm, eat the meat, make footballs with the skin
f) rock fictitious arena venues
g) kick the fictitious lead singer out of the fictitious band
h) via this blog, conduct a nationwide contest to find a replacement fictitious lead singer
i) memorize (fake) guitar part to 'enter sandman'
j) play 'enter sandman' with eyes closed
k) hunt quail with bow and arrow
l) make band t-shirts
m) hire fictitious roadies (food runners) and fictitious groupies (hostesses or, preferably, prostitutes)
n) boot the replacement fictitous singer
o) bring back the original fictitious singer, but do not apologize for the ousting
p) kill an ostrich with a knife, make burgers and stew
q) sell out
r) unlock all 'rock band' songs and venues, walk away on top
s) regain life, reach out to family, friends
t) travel to the colorado wilderness, kick a wild horse to death wearing steel-toed boots, butcher the animal with bare hands, spend the night in the animal's carcass, using it for warmth and protection against the elements, write a novella about the event
u) reunion tour

Richie said...

Best comment i have ever received.