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Controlling heat is what distinguishes a great cook from an average one. The cook that knows when to pull back on the heat, that can read the bubbles simmering up in his stock, that just knows when to flip his fish is the cook you want working next to you. A less experienced cook will go full on the heat, telling themselves that their white wine deglaze will be enough to cool that smoking hot pan. It's usually not.

Controlling the stove inside is another quality that distinguishes the greats from the rest. Everyones heat is set at a different temperature. You might be low blue flame or a wok burner...but figuring out how to control that can be difficult. Mine especially. Recently I was asked about my own temper...something I had rarely thought about. Temper. I have one. Some days it's red hot. Other days it doesn't show itself at all. But its plain to see when the heat turns on and things really start to get hot.

So how to control this? And what are the results when tempers flare, and you've got six internal stoves burning at tandoori temperatures? My temper will never go away. It's going to be pushing that heat in a different direction thats going to be the hard part.


Where are my readers from? According to my friends over at Google Analytics, the answer is everywhere. My top twenty cities people are dropping in from are mostly Bay Area and New York locations. Austin and Nashville make it on that list, but its my Hawaii, Alaska, and Central time zone visitors that are interesting to see. And apparently im becoming popular in Schaffhausen.


  • Im thinking about making a "People Hate Me On Yelp" t shirt for my cook friends Christmas gifts.
  • My paypal account got frauded. So much for being tech savvy.
  • Why is giving advice so much easier than taking it?
  • Next time: issues facing restaurants (the dollar, labor costs, missing cooks, the organic argument, etc)

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Poodle said...

Big ups from a Minnesota reader. I think I came here via Restaurant Whore via Ruhlman's site. I'm glad I found it too! Keep up the good work. I love reading what goes on behind the curtain.

Dolores said...

East Bay area here, and I found you through Shuna.

If you go forward with the Yelp t-shirts let me know... I have a couple of friends who need to own one.