Podcast 2.4 - Tablehopper. Marcia Gagliardi

The best podcasts we do are the ones where almost nothing is planned, everyone loses track of time, and the conversation flows the whole time. This is certainly one of those podcasts. Marcia Gagliardi, (who writes Tablehopper) was our guest this time around. Also at the table was Eddie Lau (of Hot Food Porn) and Corey Nead. Marcia spoiled us with cheese, sparkling wine, and manhattans...and mixed the drinks out of her very awesome vintage executair traveling bar.

intro music is Award Tour by A Tribe Called Quest

1:27 - Smallpenises.com
8:18 - An unusual amount of time spent on love parade
9:54 - Do you think we could?
12:20 - What's your favorite place to drink a Manhattan?
14:23 - Inspiration from the internet?
22:18 - Bustling.
23:00 - What food media do ya'll consume?
27:32 - Chefs who go the TV route.
29:50 - What's your path Richie?
33:12 - Corey's path.
34:28 - Eddie's path.
36:06 - Is that like my ass?
41:28 - Top 3 cookbooks.
1:02:00 - The female chef thing.

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katie said...

awe guys... thanks for mentioning cloudsandcoffee. i love you too!
ps. Absinthe is a total fave, as well as Alembic. but nobody can beat the Nopa blue bottle martini, damn it's good!