Podcast Season 2, Episode 1

Ah yes, the start of our "second season" of podcasts. Our schedule is going to be a little more erratic this time around, but I also think everything is going to go a little smoother now...better content, new guests, and more listener interaction.

Guests this time were Chad Hutchinson, who has worked at Gary Danko, Town Hall, and sous'd with me at Pres A Vi. Ann Merrell also made her podcast debut. And of course, Corey and Amy were there too.

Topics were:
Pres A Vi - 6:30
A New Kind of Restaurant - 11:24
Street Food - 13:30
Everyone Loves Brandon Jew - 23:25
Declining Standards? - 25:14
What is Rustic? - 39:45
What did I Miss? - 46:36
Market Report! - 48:01

Intro music is The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School


don't touch my knife said...

cool man, good to hear merrel, thats a funny mother fucker. BOA- ELL-LE' fant. i was looking forward to the triumphant return.

Dave said...

thumbs up