This was called "scary" today...

365 122

I personally think this is scarier...although delicious.
365 11/9/07

But if you really want scary, check out this nasty bruising I saw when I was cutting salmon the other day. Luckily we got a credit on this.
365 104

And of course, you always get a little nervous when there is alot of smoke in the kitchen. Or when J-Russ sneaks up on you.
365 095
365 098

Lastly, scary for me was losing my cell phone while taking this picture. Sad (scary?) how dependent I am.
365 118


Aa said...

is this burger from Pres a Vi?

Richie said...

haha sadly, its not...

Aa said...

been lookin' for a burger on brioche, could you ID the place it came from?

Aa said...

been lookin' for a good berger on briochey bun, like

could you ID the spot it came from?


Richie said...

That burger in the flickr link you sent me is from NYC. I think my favorite burger in this city is from NOPA...but it doesnt come on a brioche bun. The burger pictured was made at pres a vi, but is not on our menu. However...if one were to come into the restaurant and ask nicely for one (wink wink) im sure we could accomodate you. Our normal burger is domestic kobe chuck, uncured applewood smoked bacon, mezzo secco cheese, avocado, tomato, little gems letuce, louie sauce, and the house made brioche bun. Oh, and pommes frites and pickled onions for good measure.