The only thing that's spoiled in this kitchen are the cooks...

First things first: One of my best friends for fourteen some odd years is a to-be father. Congratulations Nick. I hope Uncles Dan, Dylan, Casey, Pat, and Rich all get to be present for that kids first beer.

My spice rack is blowin' up.

First Gelatin Clarification

Grilled Escarole. Not popular.

Not sure if this was bluefin. It tasted frozen.

CFL's. Trying to go green.(er)

It's been foggy. I love it.

This was a big ticket.

Polyscience Ciruculator and 45 min Egg Movie on Youtube soon...

Frisee au Lardon. Everyone loves this salad. These are the afforementioned eggs.

Sometimes it seems crazy that we get to see so many pristine ingredients every singe day.....

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M said...

On my last trip to the bay area, I stopped by Le Sanctuaire and had a chance to sample some of those osmanthus flowers. Awesome! What do you use them for? I'm just an enthusiastic home cook, but I was thinking they'd make a great ice cream.

shuna fish lydon said...

the other night the fog was so thick, as I drove up my street I thought I might drive off the end of the earth. it padded light, suffused sound and created a darkness so dense it was like being bound.

that ticket? coursed out or what yo? good god.

Richie said...

M: Osmanthus is pretty tannic and bitter...so it requires quite a bit of sweetening. I was just making it into tea, gelling it, and serving it fluid. Ice cream does sound very cool though. The aroma is one of the most beautiful ive smelled.

Shuna: Fog horns are sexy.

That ticket was coursed out...and we ran into some problems with the pick up, as the server failed to tell us there was a supposed to be a third course as well. Whoops.

Nick said...

Thanks Rich!
First beer, first stripper, all that shit!