Plate Up: Orange Julius and Fennel.

I've been slipping...as the plate-up feature on this blog has been missing. I've been changing the foie so frequently, it's been hard to keep up. It's been interesting...as some nights, every single plate will go out differently...as we try to feel our way through the plate up. Heres a quick recap:

365 066
We needed an amuse for my chef when he came in with the food editor for Diablo magazine. I had a 9 pan of terrine that was extra, so spooned that, bitter orange puree, and foie powder in a bowl and foamed coconut milk and mandarin orange juice over it. A new dish is born--foie gras "orange julius."
The bitter orange puree is simple...three oranges, in sous vide at 210 degrees for an hour. They're then pureed with a cup of sugar and half a cup of fresh orange juice, and passed through a tamis.
365 - 11/8/07
I also wanted more coconut than just the foam...so we took coconut milk with just a bit of sugar and gelled it with genuvisco J carrageenan.
coconut with genuvisco365 069
365 075
365 076
The orange puree gets dragged up the side of the plate, then topped with the foie powder/effervescent powder mixture.
365 077
Next, the foie is added, and topped with the coconut sheet. On top of the sheet is diced mandarin orange supremes and grains of paradise. The dots are minus 8 vinegar.
365 078365 079
Next the foam is added (stabilized with versawhip @ 1%) and topped with a nasturtium.
365 080
In the end, it looked like this.
Foie Gras Orange Julius

Even before the orange julius, there was the fennel plate up. This also had the foie powder/effervescent component. Surprisingly, our guests really liked the fizz they got from it.
New FoieNew Foie
Admittedly, there may have been way too much mise for this plate up.
365 034
New Foie
This is the honey cake...same as the tea time plate up.
New Foie
At first, foie and a piece of cryoblanched fennel would go on. Eventually, this switched to a sauternes cracker and sous vide baby fennel.
New Foie
New Foie
New Foie
The sauces were pretty simple...rhubarb cooked sous vide with sugar and lemon, and caramelized fennel. The minus 8 vinegar also shows up again.
Foie Detail
The final garnish is fennel fronds, fennel stalks, and some micro greens. As per usual, this plate up changed, and added some more fennel.
CryoblanchFoie new way
Back to the drawing board.
365 031


shuna fish lydon said...

mmmmm & hmmm. everything intriguing & delicious. and texturally explicit.

try this: sweeten coconut milk with coconut or palm or jaggery sugar. (or even raw sugar) you will be able to taste the coconut taste more.

Dana said...

That's totally hot.

Richie said...

Shuna: Coconut or palm sugar...why didnt I think of that. You still need to come eat...and ps, I have news for you. Ill mail you soon.

Dana: Which one? Either way, thanks!

redwood curtain said...

What ratio are you using to gel the Minus 8?

redwood curtain said...

are you thickening the Minus 8 with agar? what ratio are you using?

Richie said...

Redwood: I usually gel with agar at 7%...although a higher ratio is needed if you want a really firm set.