Podcast #11 - Kevin Kelley (The NPA) and Wolfgang Weber (Spume)

Wow, what a change. Kevin Kelley and Wolfgang Weber came out to podcast with us, and we had our first non bourbon and beer soaked podcast. Sadly, Amy had to miss this one, so Corey and I hung out with the boys, talked wine, and had some laughs. Topics covered were all things wine, organics, and why crocs suck.

Audio quality is very nice, so I think our recording troubles are over. (knock on wood)

Next week we head to Sebo late night to chat with Michael Black--our first off site podcast. The following week is hopefully the Ryan Farr/Eddie Lau re-record, and following that should be our East Coast-Skype recording. Then things get wacky for me (weddings, time off, etc) and for Corey (baby!) so we'll see what happens.

As with all our guest podcasts, this one clocks in a bit longer--around 90 minutes.

Intro music is Barracuda by Heart.


matt chou said...

I really enjoyed this podcast, being mostly a bourbon drinker myself, I can't say I'm too versed in the wine world.

But listening to the passion for wine and good food your guests carried was a refreshing view to otherwise snobby tendency of the wine world. I'm especially impressed with Kevin's dedication to sustainable farming. Also the refillable bottle is the greatest idea I've heard in a long time. Now I gotta try it on my next trip to NOPA!

Too bad Amy couldn't join though. Can't wait for the Sebo podcast, sounds like a great one!

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Alexa said...

Hey there: I've been following your blog for about a year and think it's fantastic. I check in a few times a week to laugh or think or be challenged. I've noticed; though, that since you started podcasting the posts are often about that in small or large part. I am a luddite and have no access to these broadcasts and so feel a little saddened. Will you be writing again, or will the blog serve mainly to support the material that you discuss on the podcasts?

Richie said...

@Alexa- thanks for reading/commenting. The blog gets updated once a week--the usual post with the writing, notes, quotes, and pictures. That hasn't changed. We also record a podcast every week, and typically that goes up as it's own post. So really, there is no less of the typical content, just a bit more in regards to the podcast. Ps, if you have a computer, you can access it fairly easy. Linecook.libsyn.com, click on the pod icon.

Alexa said...

Hey Ritchie: Thanks for the link. I'll try to tune in. Why did I think one must have an iPod to do this? Because I'm a goombah, that's why!