Podcast #10 - Violet

So after 2 weeks of podcasting and subsequent corrupt file failures, we had a win--courtesy of Ms. Violet Blue.  She brought by her mac, and recorded along with me.  Thank god.  My files came out wonky and distorted in parts.  Hers came out crisp and clear.  So here we are--podcast #10 is finally published.

Ben came along with Vi, and Corey and Amy were in the house as well.  We're building an exciting podcast schedule--re-recording last week's with Ryan Farr and Eddie Lau should be especially good.

Next week we return to our simple 1 mic setup--because it works.  Wolfgang Weber and Kevin Kelley will be in the house.  Comments and questions are always welcome.  linecook415@gmail.com, @linecook on twitter

Music:  Dance Song '97 by Sleater Kinney, my favorite band of all time.

To anyone that emailed us topics, or podcast ideas, I have to say sorry.  We did cover pretty much everything sent to us on the failed podcasts, but it felt contrived for us to re-hash these conversations that we had already had.  So we started fresh.  Please keep them coming.

I said it before, and i'll say it again--the best part of these podcasts is what happens when we stop recording.


SupermopHed said...

Oh ... RIP Sleater Kinney. :(

don't touch my knife said...

the cognac of bourbon bit made my day. amy should call her shit, "amys pig brittle" to differentiate her proprietary blend of deliciousness. best of luck at the sale to her. great cast but you could tell it was violet's mac recording, you could barely even hear Corey.