Podcast #8 - Your Emails

Ah yes, our return.  We built up a lot of emails, so this podcast was focused on answering them.  Topics covered were Mission Street Food, Healthy SF, and the correlation between savory and pastry menus.  We also rant on twitter, facebook, etc. 

Our intro music playlist:
  1. No Music
  2. Newlyweds - Boom Bip
  3. Bridge - Amon Tobin
  4. Can't Seem To Find Him - Barry White
  5. La La Love You - The Pixies
  6. San Francisco Nights - People Under the Stairs
  7. Police Truck - Dead Kennedy's 
  8. Electric Shake - Be Your Own Pet
knife resources from Aaron Margulis:

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don't touch my knife said...

yeahhh! the triumphant return. snootchie bootchies.