Not much to say today, but Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and thanks again for reading.  Just some notes, Corey quotes, and pictures today.

  • Reason # 7 that hot girl in the dining room is crazy?  She's always alone.
  • Re-watching Six Feet Under is considerably less depressing than it was the first time.
  • Luis, we're not laughing at you.  We're cheering you on.
  • Rabbit snack this week:  my new shoes.
  • I could not have lived without these things this year:  iphone, moleskine notebook, blue bottle coffee, anchor steam beer, delfina pizza, nopa sweatshirt, the wife.
  • Speaking of the iphone, these apps are getting a serious workout:  calculator, converter, remote, mobile fotos, twitterriffic.
  • After meeting Corey's Mom, I know where he gets his sense of humor from. 
  • Not working on Christmas eve is pretty nice.

corey mania
  • "I stab myself."
  • "What's up girlfriend?  You wanna make three bucks the hard way?"
  • "Can I take your phone in the bathroom?"
  • "I want you to hold me down, choke me, and spit in my mouth.  And I want you to say 'this is how the mommy birdie feeds the baby birdie.'"

from top:  dish pit decorations, amy's holiday spread, czech fernet, um...thanks?, leonard's bourbon, jamie's christmas card, baked pasta, dinner, mushrooms en papillote from brandon, nopalito brunch at nopa, jamie looks astonishingly like clive owen, corey toasts, michelle lucha libre, the 'big dinner', al ready to wrestle, goldschlager...all bad, christmas eve gibraltar, linden graff, sky, in the east bay christmas eve.


shara said...

Oh my goodness! I love Corey's crazy quotes! Glad I found your blog. Happy Holiday! And, YES! It is great having the day (or two) off!

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas From a Brazilian

milkyway said...

Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!
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Jonathan said...

Delfina pizza is truly a wonder. I have realized that it is a good deal too given the $10 (retail) of cheese the put on there pies... not that that stopped my home experiments.

Dr. CS Rayat said...

Hi ! I find this weblog as the wonderland of edible thoughts. Keep cooking. Wish you more fans in 2009. Bye !!!

mdluffy113 said...

merry Christmas

SeanRodrieguez said...

Great read, I work in a kitchen (nowhere NEAR on the same level of cuisine) and you capture the kind of insane fun you can have in such a pressurized job perfectly and the immense wierdos you meet along the way. Keep up the good work.

Ron said...

great blog... I always enjoy the random comments.. especially Corey's. Keep it up, it is part of my daily routine now


Aidan's Mom said...

love this blog...keep cooking up the juicy posts :)

Brilynn said...

I think every kitchen needs a Corey...

R2K said...

: )

Rachete said...

Very cool blog!


Flartus said...

Richie, this blog is perfect, and beautiful. I live vicariously thru my partner, who's sous/line cook at a very small fine dining place. Love, love, LOVE your stories & pics; she will love them even more. She would have a blast with Corey. (Oh, and yeah, I'm another random clickover from Blogs of Note.)

Lori Lynn said...

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and wishing you a wonderful 2009 Richie!

I am enjoying following your blog.

Justin Smith said...

I have this idea to put audio recording devices in server side stations and in various locations in kitchens in restaurants all over a city for a week. The hypothesis is that I will have enough material for a long career in stand-up.

Queenie said...

love your blog. corey is hysterical. WHAT is photo #4? a cupcake? a resin figurine? a wooden thing? something edible? please tell...

Catty said...

Happy Holidays!

Is it New Years Yet? Enjoy your blog. I'm an old hashslinger and like reading your comments about the servers. You should hear what the other sided of the window says! (though I'm sure you have)

Come to Dennys in Tiffin, Ohio on a weekend midnight shift and you'll see a show.

Peace and good tidings to all.


Sabiq said...

i want coffe like your photos.. u.u

Anonymous said...

Kitchens are crazy places. I used to be a normal human being, then I worked in a kitchen. I have never been the same since, I became a blogator.... The only difference is now I don't mind if someone writes on my underpants.

Cool blog btw, going to follow (God Help me!)


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm starting up a new blog of reviews. Are you intrested in a little partnership to get more viewers for both of us? We would both have the links to each others blog on our own. Let me know if you're intrested at


ecrunner said...

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Moorysya said...


Point the cursor at pic =)

For you =)
sorry here i cannot add flash, but please look at picture =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Richie!

I stumbled upon this blog. I've never been as good a cook as you probably are, but I can feel your pain! I gave the 'art' up a long time ago because of some of the things you write about here!

Keep up the good blogging. It gives me some insight into your work and expertise - I love it!