Hapa's Kickstarter Campaign

Two years and change into the life of Hapa Ramen, and we are nearing completion on our tiny little noodle shop. My first restaurant. The culmination of all those days of slinging noodles in the rain, hauling stoves and stock pots around, and hustling as hard as we could to feed the masses. Hapa has been without a doubt the most difficult thing that I've ever done in my life. But with all of the trials and tribulations has come some of the greatest rewards. The people I've met and worked with, the guests that we have fed...it's been life changing. So now linecook reader, I ask for your support. If this blog has meant anything to you, or helped you along the way, then please share the link or support our kick starter campaign to help us make our restaurants kitchen come alive. The past two years have been murder on our equipment, and with your support we can upgrade and start phase 2 of Hapa's young life. Any little bit helps, be it a retweet, or a pledge. Thanks. Richie Nakano


justsomecook said...

Good Luck! Mabey you could blog about opening your brick and mortar. There are always trials, tribulations and odd stories that come about when opening.

Have fun!

Liz Crawley said...

hope it works out for you, been reading the blog for years so I kicked in a subscription price