Podcast 2.2 - Just the Two of Us.

Here's a change.  Instead of last season's multi-guest podcasts, this time around it was just Amy and I.  We've only done two other podcasts like this (with Corey and Speez) but they have a nice feel to them.  Topics this time around were changes in kitchen dynamics when cooks and chefs leave, cooking for self vs cooking for the guest, chef cliches, and many twitter questions answered.

3:35 - Calling Corey
6:00 - An email/Changes in the kitchen
15:39 - That question I asked you earlier.../Cooking for self
21:08 - Look at all the people on the Twitters
23:03 - Chef cliches
32:55 - OUR twitter friends?

No podcast next week, but we'll be back the first week in October.

Opening song:  Robots In the Garden by Autolux

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masked_superstar said...

:guy ferrari started with a pretzel cart, and now look what we got.

in all service jobs sometime you haft to tell the customer what they want and protect them from themselves.