After certain Tuesday nights dinners, there is a huge mess in the kitchen. By the time we eat im usually three beers and a shot in, so doing the dishes and sweeping is rarely a priority. The morning encounter with the kitchen, when im desperately in need of coffee, is never pleasant. I spent this morning doing dishes, wiping down table tops, and mopping. Laundry is next, so im stalling by writing here. Trouble is, there isn't a whole lot of good material to write about, what with tiger maulings and 70 mile an hour winds and Britney. So here are lists.

Stuff Other People Wrote.
  • Harold McGee wrote an essay for the New York Times on heat and how it affects food. It's a pretty cool read, and it spawned really cool posts from Tasting Menu and Ideas In Food.
  • SFGate had an article about Michael Pollan today...discussing the Omnivore Effect. The writer wanted to take Pollan to Applebees.
  • Sean Brock gives a tip for better veg purees.

Top 5.

5. The Pika Pika DVD. Japanese people with LED lights + Long exposure photography = total awesomeness. This is not a DVD full of corny shit like you see on the Sprint/Nextel billboards around SF.
4. Winter Beer.
3. Coacim Bourbon coffee beans from Blue Bottle.
2. The Playstation 3. The real reason I haven't been blogging lately.
1. The Wire back on HBO. Tim Goodman always has a good breakdown on his blog.

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