Plate Up: FOIE 9/07

People called the August foie plate up "elegant", "feminine", and "four star." It was classic visually, while utilizing modern techniques. For September, we wanted to do something completely different...flavor and technique wise. As ive never worked with Corey Lee or David Kinch, I resorted to studying their pictures and recipes for inspiration. On the other hand, I had also been looking at Alinea, WD-50, and Ideas In Food's stuff, and became obsessed with the idea of doing something completely different.
foie and stuff 015
The mise for this plate up is gala apple puree, gelled with low and high acyl gellan, and bruleed. The rest of the apple puree is used for sauce. Also on the plate are crushed pistachios, a fennel pollen caramel made with isomalt, shaved tonka bean, and ice wine vinegar.

In the quest for something different, we had a few failures.
foie and stuff 002foie and stuff 007foie and stuff 009foie and stuff 008foie and stuff 010
All in all, the lines on this plate were wrong. It was far too busy, and when Rossi finally told me he didnt really care for it, I decided to do something a little closer to my comfort level.
foie and stuff 014
foie and stuff 016
Sauce goes left of center, and smeared. The drag doesnt have to be perfect--its going to be partially covered.
foie and stuff 017
foie and stuff 019
foie and stuff 022
Tonka bean and pistachios are added. Im giving even more tonka now...the aroma is amazing.
foie and stuff 023
The apple puree is covered in bakers sugar and bruleed. It stays warm nicely.
foie and stuff 024
foie and stuff 025
foie and stuff 026
The fennel pollen caramel is placed on the foie. These things are fucking delicate.
foie and stuff 031
The final garnish is a dot of minus 8 vinegar gelled with agar, and micro Thai basil.
foie and stuff 030

NEXT: Spiced French toast, pear butter, and maple powder.


Mallory Sheldon said...

I, myself, am an aspiring cook. I found it incredibly helpful to see your step-by-step pictures. Thanks for the great ideas. I'm sure it will help me get some...

Dale R said...

foie gras baby - love your stuff